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Silver Spirit Life Coach was born out of the passion, determination and unwavering faith. The owner, Pooja Solankee, has been creating lasting and transformational change in the lives of all with whom she comes in contact with. 


At Silver Spirit Life Coach we inspire, educate, empower and mentor individuals to overcome socio-emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges through Life Coaching, Counselling, Personal Development Workshops and Energy Healing. 

You do not need to only have problems to ask for guidance. 

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Area of Expertise 

kids 5-11


SSLC is know for its great ability to develop children. At SSLC, we take pride in mentoring, empowering and educating children. From the young innocent beings, to the troublesome teens and the confused young adults. We all go through phases in life, yet we lay unrealistic expectations onto others. No matter your age, everyone just needs someone to give them unconditional support and guidance.

Challenges SSLC enables you to overcome: 

֍Negative impact of bullying
֍Coping with parent separation(divorce)
֍Understanding the cause of uncontrollable behaviour
֍Dealing with grief,depression and trauma
֍Career guidance
֍Soft skills development (building self-confidence, self-awareness, effective communication skills, public speaking,  planning strategies, time management, stress management) 

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women empowerd2


Women have been suppressed and denied their basic rights for centuries. It took the bravery of certain women to stand up and make the voice of a woman heard. Till today women are still being deprived. Its not all about the rights, politics and freedom, it is about the daily choices that they cannot make without being told what to do or to be dependent on another. 


Women should have the right to voice themselves in their home; decide what career path they wish to choose; travel the world; decide whom to love and when to marry.

Women are the mothers of creation on this Earth. They have unlimited potential and capabilities. It is up to us women to stand together and support one another.

Challenges SSLC enables you to overcome: 

֍Soft skills development (building self-confidence, self-awareness, effective communication skills, public speaking,  planning strategies, time management, stress management)
֍Career guidance /enhancement
֍Becoming self-sustaining and independent
֍Finding your life’s purpose
֍Building healthy relationships
֍Understanding boundaries
֍Unlocking your true potential

֍Overcoming past trauma and suppression 

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What does SSLC offer ?

Private Consultation


Do you yearn for change in your life; overcome challenges; live the life of your dreams? Silver Spirit Life Coach offers a unique programme that is specially designed to suit the need of the individual.  Sessions can be conducted face-to-face or online. Types of services offered: Coaching, Counselling, Energy Healing.

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Personal Development Workshops


Are you looking to enhance your professional skills, gain some insight on a subject, searching to enhance your skills to master aspects of your life? Silver Spirit Life Coach offers a range of workshops that are specially suited to empower and educate individuals no matter your professional background.

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Employee Wellness


The functionality and productivity of any organisation depends on your staff. Ensuring the well-being of your staff ensures success in your organisation. Employee wellness focuses on the cultural, organisational, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of your employees. 

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